Let´s be friendly to bats together

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01/10/2017 20/10/2018

Capacity building / Transfer of knowledge between V4 countries and Bosnia and Hercegovina / Networking
Reinforce the protection of European bat population used underground sites for reproduction or hibernation
Raise awareness and visibility


Tunnel Dielik


The tunnel Dielik may once again become an important wintering site for bats. On 8th November 2017, the grid was removed from the east entrance of tunnel Dielik. It has never fulfilled its purpose of protecting wintering bats from accidental tunnel visitors.

In the country of ´šišmiši´


From 31st of May to 3rd of June 2018 Regional Symposium "Conservation status of Bats in the central Europe and Western Balkan" in Sarajevo and the field trainig in Bijambare protected area took place.


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4 countries implement the project activities

Slovak Bat Conservation

Mammal Conservation
of BirdLife Hungary


Center for Karst
and Speleology

Green Federation

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The main purpose and mission of the project team is to protect nature, especially bats, and mutual exchange of experience in this issue. Raising public awareness about the importance of bats and biodiversity is vital to the conservation of these very threatened animals and the whole living world. The project supports those actions with which the partners have previous experiences. The goal is constantly help regional teamworkers to solve challenging situations. It is very important to create common tools to ensure protection of bats across the borders.

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